Thursday, November 20, 2014

Mighty Balls, NYC // Broadway Bites

On a recent weekend trip to the Big Apple with my boyfriend, I had an entire day to explore the city by myself. Just last week, I accepted a post-grad job in Connecticut, with just a 30 minute train ride to Grand Central Station, so I was anxious to explore the city more and see what my options are when I visit on the weekends next year. I was wandering the Garment District when I stumbled upon this food festival just as I was becoming hungry for lunch. Broadway Bites is run by UrbanSpace, which runs a variety of food festivals in NYC.

After becoming overwhelmed with all the options, I decided to try "Mighty Balls", for its clever name and endless options to spice up a meatball sub, which are a favorite to me. After about five minutes of an arduous internal debate, I settled on veggie balls on a roll with "tempting tomato" sauce (listed as tomato sauce with a kick). I passed on the normal mozzarella as a topping and went with gorgonzola. Total cost came to $10, an appropriate price for New York City.

After battling the crowds for a small cafe table, I dug in. It was one of the messiest meals I could have chosen, but it was SO worth it. The veggie balls were not mushy as I was expecting and the sauce was perfect. Gorgonzola was the cherry on top. Although this particular food festival is no longer running, UrbanSpace runs other festivals, and Mighty Balls has other locations you can visit!

Through the craziness of the city, I momentarily looked up to see the buildings poking up behind the trees. In that moment, I realized my love and appreciation for New York City. I am thrilled that this will all be at my fingertips next year...

 xoxo Ava

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