Sunday, November 2, 2014

Addicted to my iPhone?! // 5 Reasons to Put It Down

Disclaimer: I’m sure that when my family reads this title, they will burst out laughing and say I am the last person who should give advice on this topic. But the purpose of this post isn’t to say I have it all figured out. In fact, I would like this post to be a source of personal motivation for myself to cut back on my phone use.

It seems like every year, kids are getting iPhones at a younger and younger age.  This is a far cry from just 7 years ago when I received my first cell phone at the age of 14, this beauty:

Now, it’s time for me to have one of those “the first step is to acknowledge your addiction” moments.
I am addicted to my iPhone.

Like most of us, I rely on my iPhone too often as entertainment, a source of information, or a means to share a random thought or picture via social media. But, it is time to cut back. It’s time to realize that too much of a good thing can become an issue.

In order to remedy my addiction, here are 5 reasons why I should put it down:

1.) Eyes.
We already live in a society where technology rules. You are reading this blog on a laptop, iPad, or smart phone. All have screens. I’m no scientist, (in fact, I avoid as many science courses in college as possible) but I know that after working 9 to 5 as a summer intern in front of TWO computer screens, my eyes were always thankful for the drive home when I can gaze at trees, the road, and anything other than a screen.

2.) Time.
We all have 24 hours in a day. How we choose to spend it is very important. Our time is the most valuable thing we can give someone, and if we are scrolling through our Instagram feed, there is no way we are giving that person our full attention. Your family, friends, or a random stranger will surely appreciate your attentiveness.

3.) Friends.
Put your phone down while you wait in line for coffee and strike up a conversation with the person behind you! Just as you never know who you will meet sitting next to you on an airplane, you could end up having a great conversation with a person in line. Ask them for a drink suggestion or compliment them on something they are wearing to start the conversation.

4.) Knowledge.
Pick up a book or a newspaper. Learn the old fashioned way. Better yet, pull out a map. Yes, a REAL map, not Google Maps. When I went on a biking trip last summer with my parents, my dad relied solely on a paper map for the entire 200 mile journey. We had a few confusing moments along the way, but it all added to the memorable experience.

5.) Memories.
How many times have you told someone a riveting story about a time you had your face buried in your phone?  Very few, if any. Experience life going on around you. And THEN go on your phone to write some notes about it for a future blog post.

Next time I'm bored, uncomfortable, or confused, I will try to remember:
Put it down, look up.

xoxo Ava

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